Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whats on your to do list today???

my list of shit to do today is as follows:
hardware store-sandpaper, bug spray, cleaning supplies, washers.
craft store-gotta make a dog costume for halloween..(stellas gonna be an Alien...ooooww)
Autozone-gotta get in the zone people.
stop by the label to pick up some tapes of things i've filmed...
IKEA --everything/nothing kill me
and then maybe...just maybe i'll have time to play my guitar.
I'll let you know how it goes.....WHERE YOU AT DAN?



CMartin said...

pooping at your house ;)

erinx3 said...

takin' a SHIAAAT

Lucy said...


scaring people at walmart with hilary clinton masks.

The_Used&A7x_4Life said...

Noraml Day;;

-Came Home Early
-Chores (Gayyyyy)
-Mall With Friendssss
-Get The New Avenged Sevnfold Dvd
-Come Home Watch The Dvd With Friends
-Listen To The Used Until Tomarrow

Cookiebelle. said...

Half day of school
Metacognitive assignment
maybe even sleeping for more than two hours
listening to The Used all night, it's been so long since I have.

Anonymous said...

Aww bless you going to stop being ghetto and guy a bed at ikea ?

Anonymous said...

I've got to...get over a cold. Hack up a lung.Get my halloween costume together (I'm gunna be Courtney Love so :P) Wash my car. Do the laundry. Work on my clothingline. Shuttle random children to swim lessons, go to rehearsal, do a speed through. And I DON'T get to drag DAN along! So there! HAH

Anonymous said...

- call in sick
- stay home with the cats
- call in again to remind work i'm reeeeaaaaallly contagiously sick. sick to death.
- save the world
- maybe wash some clothes or whatever, they smell so funked out.
- take a nap

PsychoticKarly said...

demonic homework
my brother's boyscout shit
obama meeting
climb the goddamn tree
fix my friggen movie
translate a 20 page script into modern speach
dance about erratically.

oh yes. I'm stoked.

Lucy said...

Work my shift at fuckin' subway.
Come home.
Have hot hot sex whilst listening to The Used.. :P

Thaaat's about it.

asdfghkjlena said...

watch tv
watch tv
watch tv

Anonymous said...

Haha my list:
Abso-fuking-luty nothingg at all
No job
No homework
Nothing but vegetating
the day away ;)

Anonymous said...

My list of things to do:
Get dressed
and Get my new tattoo, link provided

cathy said...

make nothing in class...
make nothing at home...
make nothing, but listening THE USED :)
Love you guuuuuuuuuys :D

Dead Inside said...

-make appointment for yearly pap smear. fuck. that shit is uncomfortable.
-write something groundbreakingly fantasmic (easier said than done)
-go tanning?
-I should prolly shower at some point
-pick up nylons for my chun li costume. hells yes
-enroll child at pre-school. god I'm glad there is something semi-worthwhile on this list
-refrain from correcting people spelling the word 'tomorrow' with an 'a' - 'tomarrow'. when did i become a grammar nazi? why am i old?
-be less old.
-take a nap

Jennifer said...

-gettin woken up all night
-tryin to sleep
-gettin woken up again
-giving in and staying up
-myspace it
-check email
-blog it
-realize i need a job asap

i have no life. i suck. end of story.

Black Lung Bishop said...

hi. its tyler. the kid that sent you a message on myspace - from a fan. I guess seeing that you guys really care enough about people to message me back, really lit a fire under my ass. I live in Tucson now, with my girlfriend, and everything's really looking up now. thanks a lot guys.

and my to do list...

have a soy burger.
find bandmates in a new city.
clean my guages.
get a new tattoo.
move into my apartment.

paperheartxx said...

MY list consists of:

1.) Trip to the Dollar store.
- notebook
- candy
2.) Homework.
- PreCalculus
- English
3.) Write poetry and stuff.
4.) Practice my guitar.
- Jazz songs
- Work on improvisation

Nothing exciting, but I have to get that all done tonight. Knowing me, I'll leave it all till the last minute.

angelic_cries said...

x-Fuck with my phone.
x-Watch CSI.
x-Watch House.
x-Hang out with my BFF.


BlondeLocks said...

call me b/c i could be a big helper! 714-504-2677 =) Seriously thoough.

Marius Valo Lemoen said...
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Marius Valo Lemoen said...

work (7am)
FUCK!!! Work late (21pm)
Surf the web

Nikolai said...

-retake test
-work on college essay
-cook potatoes without starting an all-consuming fire
-draw all the weird shit I saw in my dream last night
-draw tattoos on myself because I'm too chicken to get a real one
-build shelter for the apocalypse
-watch the Colbert Report
-wake up to piss
-sleep more

kissytina20 said...

well I thought I was going to paint, but since I am not,I am going to playing on yoville till about 10 then watch ghost hunters, then watch the used dvd, then play yoville again til sometime around 4am then I may go to bed.

Anonymous said...

let's see.

-clean my room/laundry/vaccum
-move a computer into the main house
-get the remaining parts of my halloween costume
-balance checkbook (ugh)
-find grades online somehow, prepare for a good yelling-at
-make a new pitcher of iced tea
-SLEEP if there's enough time

i'm sure there's more, i have it written down somewhere.... >.<

Anonymous said...

get up from bed, go to work, pretend to work, come back to bed, pretend to actually do something, think about how I should indeed do something, watch The Simpsons, wonder why I haven't watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie I bought some days ago [the 70's one], probably watch it and go sleep really late night without reason just because.

John Sisouvong said...


Greg said...

-pick up someone
-go to institute
-shoot some hoops
-check out the used blog
-listen to nirvana

Ominous.Blood.Vomit said...

Going to work in just under an hour.
Living in my head for the day and listen to my ipod while I work.
Eat an Apple Cinnamon muffin or Chicken sushi roll.
More work.
Come home and play America's Army.

Lucky I love my job.

Ominous.Blood.Vomit said...

I lied, I just remembered I'm going to watch Saw V tonight before I play America's Army.

The Used said...

fuck driving in LA
i wish i had a bathroom like the ones at basketball arenas so that you guys could all come leave me presents. get better grungerockprnces!

Mirna said...

homework :(
and stalk you as always

Citizen-Erased said...
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Tori Terror said...

Yeah, totally going to poop at your house.

Liz+Muse=ZETAS! said...

I have my radio broadcasting final today!!!!!!
Two more weeks and i graduate!!!!
Watch out people ill be on the radio in no time

Also i have to catch the bus to get to class, unless i find a ride which wont happen :(

Love, Liz

KalynnRaye said...

Aliens are amazing XD
If I were in LA, and saw you dressed like a dog, I would probably shit myself laughing so hard.

Ah, my list of things to do:

Watch Ellen,
Lurk Kyte,
go to church,
harass random people on youtube,
watch my frann dance on youtube,
change my outfit 197328037 times,
take out gerard, my doggie (sister named him ]:)
and now *sigh* going to hold my mummys feet while she does her sit-ups.

Liz+Muse=ZETAS! said...

heres a more detailed list:

Vomit(stomach flu...very nasty)
clean up
get ready
get on a 2 hour bus ride
go to class
take final
go home

Anonymous said...

take a shower... maybe upload some stupid information to my space, chat & post to USEDrefused forum (The Used chilean forum *-*)

Brittany Underwood said...

waking up at like 5 in the morning
pretending to be god in an awesome iMac picture ( ...yeah thats the link)
and then finishing my school day.
just got done with homework and now im gonna wash my arse.
so life is BoRiNg :)

love you guys <3

rockett fishh said...

~come back from school.
~make smoothies
~bum about missing the killers concert at the warfield yesterday
~watch my brothers friends make food
~play poetic tagedy on the guitar while haveing a band fight with some kid at my school.
~take a shower
~buy tickets for the next killers concert at the warfield on 12/12

paperheartxx said...

So I got everything done, that HAD to be done. What the fuck do I have left to do now? :(


StephanieSunshine said...

Do an frq for a.p. gov.
College applications.
Play with my doggy..
Play the piano.

Anonymous said...

go to the dentist
buy more 'joy bars
feed cats
change sheets

Sarah said...


and sleeeeeeep

cookiesnher0in said...

My to do list today:

Get stoned.
Get stoned.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sounds pretty good for a Wednesday.

Willy said...

Wow, fk are u really one of the the used?... u are realy goods!!! im a fan from Chile..

now, going to study, study, then sleep, then class, the study and stydu xD

realy i like a lot ur music...

Andy said...

hey if you like the used subscribe to my

add me yo

shelbyyym said...


Anonymous said...

ummm on my to do list is..


Anonymous said...

oh, god, ikea. *shudder* terrifying store, delicious meatballs.

to-do list:
try not to smack anyone on the subway
type paper
mmmm, combos!

tears.catcher said...

Heeey, Quinn
im sure you wont remember me, but i was the girl from Brazil who told you that hated you in the Rio de Janeiro's airport.
Well, just want to say that i regret. i am really sorry, because after that day i saw how amazing you are.
So, this is what was on my to do list for a long time!
hope you read it!
send my best wishes to Jeph, Dan e Bert!

Anonymous said...


Feed birds

clean the aviary

clean the crow's cage

clean the whole damn house

play with dogs

schedule appointment

cook dinner

go to Kung Fu

get ass kicked by Beautiful Boy

come home


watch X Files DVD

go to sleep.

Whoop whoop, the excitement! ^_^

Anonymous said...

well.... yesterday was.
-wake up early
-drive 1.5 hours to the salon
-do lots of color
-finish a perm for a girl that had no idea what she was doing
-come home
-shop for fabric
-sew costume for hair show
-color my own hair
-figure out how im going to make my dog a Ewok :/
-check internet
-go to bed and start it all over again till Friday. =D

Anonymous said...

Sleeping all day. Going to work. Coming home. Staying up all night.


I've got to do something with my damn hair. It looks like Claudio Sanchez's pubes.

Send more picture messages of my boobs to my best friend. I'm convinced that it's actually VISIBLE that one's bigger than the other.

Then make plans for the weekend...

I'm not doing anything for Samhain, unlike all the other who have commented here

Oh, and I'd like to finish the rest of my Louise Rennison books tomorrow!

That's all :]

Anonymous said...

school - exam
and the rest i haven't figured out yet

M. Lee said...

It's no longer October 22, but I'm still awake as part of the day October 22, so instead, I'll give you the to-do list of October 23

-Take a shower
-Listen to a bunch of show cds to find good musical songs for sound design of noises off
-compile onto cd
-clean floor
-wake up
-go to school
-design meeting
-more class
-pick up friends
-go to Wiltern to watch Silverstein and Chiodos
-Go home

thats a lot... oh.. and

-stop being sick

The Used said...

tears.catcher i love you and for real I don't remember.
I can only remember the greatest feeling just to be in south america and loved by so many people, having touched so many.

Lina Christin said...

^ omg, quinn. that was purely amazing of you to even bother responding!
i love you and the guys for that. (:

well, my to-do list for today is basically shit at school.
i've got this fucking test for tomorrow in norwegian literature.
gotta love it, right?
meh. >.<

well, take care! :D
i love you, guys.

MissTottenham said...

To do list:


Anonymous said...

loved by so many people, having touched so many.

O_O I hope they didn't press charges.


Hi there MissT, you fancy thing! ^_^

Himmel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Himmel said...

Hey, Quinn. What's going on? On my Google Reader, I saw your last post, but you deleted it. I'm worrying about you, honey. I know, it's not my life, but like a fan that love you, I care about you.

I hope everything is ok now!


tears.catcher said...

yeah, you thought you would not remember. but anyway, im happy you not remember this occasion and im delighted to know how much you had enjoyed south america, most Brazil (yeah, we are the best).
Well, my friend made a video of me sort of... ''making fun of Bert'' on Rio de Janeiro's show.
Its really funny and he didnt notice that i was behind him (onstage) doing what i was doing.

this is the link of the video, hope you enjoy.
Thanks for answear my comment. and i really love you.
Come to Brazil to visit, i can tell you great places to see. okay, i think im talking to much now.
xo, Quinn.

Kay said...

You need an assistant...Im sure you could easily get a few volunteers ;)