Friday, October 31, 2008


Truly Sad Video, The last moments of this womans life caught on tape by the murderers sicko partner. Thank God that these guys got caught.

Alex Pardee

Albert Monroe or Marilyn Einstein?



Elephant Leg Illusion
How many legs does this elephant have? 4, 5, 6, maybe 7?

up late again

Hey Freaks! its midnight and i'm up snacking on halloween candy again. I spent most of the day on my scooter looking for birthday presents and just getting lost in the hills. not the show the actual hills. I worked through the afternoon on my dog Stella's costume she's going as an alien to match my Fox Mulder costume, I'm hoping it works out. don't worry i'll post some pictures. okay so WTF! does anybody watch celebrity rehab with dr drew? its the best show ever. I love Gary Bussey, he's a fucking FREAK! "my sobriety is safe, ~it is good~" Steven Adler is awesome too, hes like the future me. hehe So i got to thinking about tour(i'm always thinking about tour) and about what bands would be good to tour with and all this other stuff. What bands do you think we should tour with? let me know i'd appreciate it I'm gonna go answer some myspace messages now. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Theres never been a better time to buy Used merch than now, everything is marked down 50% off!!!

Get your Used MERCH HERE!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Find a Way

In Case you havent seen our Official Find a Way music video here it is. Directed by SteelAwesome starring Riley and NateNasty.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A Teacher asked her class of seven year olds if anyone could explain the meaning of the word contagious.

Little Shannon put her hand in the air and says "When I was five I had chickenpox and had to stay at home because the doctor told my mother chickenpox was contagious."

The teacher replied "Yes Shannon that is a very good example well done."

Then young Daniel put his hand in the air and said "My next door neighbor was painting the outside of her house with a 2 inch paintbrush and my dad said that it will take the contagious!"

How Cute

Monday, October 27, 2008

hung out at the practice space, recorded about 8 loops on my laptop and
now i'm cutting them down for Dan to lay drums to "via email" .
I'm eating all the Halloween candy I bought last week.
K i'm just tired and should be sleeping on the couch by now. I'm gonna watch American Pimp and go to bed, if you havent heard the Pimpology recited in this movie.."you havent lived" so says the sweaty nervous Video Hut employee last night. I'm so sick of the fucking election. Fuck it. everyone should watch Zeitgeist it will change the way you look at all this shit for the better.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

BOO! I got my pumpkins today, a fat one and a skinny one i guess you could say Bert and Ernie..hehe. I'm going to be Fox Mulder from XFiles for Halloween but David Duchovny is way better as Hank Moody on Californication. I love that show. So i've been chillin out mostly lately, riding my scooter around and working on some jammies here and there. Saw my good friend CW the other day who some of you might know, he followed and filmed us around during the making of Lies 4theLiars and then out on tour. We drove around in his Lincoln and talked about our ideas and caught up with eachothers lives now, its been a while since he and I really hung out. Did anyone watch SNL last night? fuckin A Coldplay sounded great! i really enjoyed it. btw I love Amy Poehler and Wil Forte and Kristen Wiig. they are the best part of that show now, i can't stand Keenan or whatever his name is...i cringe everytime his head pops up on there. OH YEAH! so the videolink we posted about 2 posts ago with instudio action got so much traffic that it crashed dudes server, we should have a new link soon and some more clips, i'm going through about 30 tapes right now, we have about 100... : ) I'm currently listening to Dntel "Last Songs" feeling good as it gets blue outside. .. . ..

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Favorite Idol

awww...poor Mary Gilbeaux...I was in traffic today and for some reason i started to remember this girl from American Idol that I absolutely adored and how dumb Simon was for thinking she couldnt sing. I remember watching it with my roommates when it aired. After a half hour of searching i found it...enjoy.

The Used New song/DVD teaser

This is a little teaser from a song off of our upcoming album. DIIIIIGGGGGG IIIITTTT!!!!


bert rides a camel

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love this

K so


Pukin Pickles

I got my morning coffee and my morning zen time, that is until little Stella started throwing up a pickle i fed her last night. whoopsie... :) Does anybody watch Kath&Kim? Its funny! I love Molly Shannon and her boyfriend on the show he's in all the Christopher Guest movies. I think after I go to our practice space i'm just gonna come home be lazy and watch some tube, maybe surf some net, dunno. I drank a little too much last night, walked home mumblin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whats on your to do list today???

my list of shit to do today is as follows:
hardware store-sandpaper, bug spray, cleaning supplies, washers.
craft store-gotta make a dog costume for halloween..(stellas gonna be an Alien...ooooww)
Autozone-gotta get in the zone people.
stop by the label to pick up some tapes of things i've filmed...
IKEA --everything/nothing kill me
and then maybe...just maybe i'll have time to play my guitar.
I'll let you know how it goes.....WHERE YOU AT DAN?



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Videoclip from our recent camping trip

in the studio today...

work hard play hard

first bloggie blog

Hey everyone, Used fans!  I know its a little late in the game to be starten bloggen but whatevs right?  just about every lamo i meet is either a blogger or a dj or both and since you're reading this its fair to say were lamo lame (i know we suck big ) take em to the chorus...  Things are actually great right now, weve got around 18 songs recorded with music and 10 finished with vocals.  Berts headed to the studio tonight to drop some more knowledge.  We've had so much fun recording this album, taking it easy and creating new sounds and ideas.  Alot more abrasive stuff and darker imagery.  As some of you might know we're working with a new producer this time around and its been a great new step for us.  His name is Matt Squire, he's one hell of a jewbe i tell ya.  just google this schmoog and you'll see he's knee deep in shit we call rock and roll.  he rocks and rolls and rides the fadaz drrty.  *as a side note-Matt has been very patient with our difunctionality and we appreciate it buddy.
So what else...EVERYTHING.  This year has been a big one for us.  After being kicked around and "used" by a lot of people in the industry for a long time who I wont name, we have a new family helping us move forward and make what happens in vegas.  We're blessed to have great people surrounding us and supporting us, we can't wait for you to hear our new jimmys.  
Jeph and Dan are in Utah, Bert and I are in Cali baby.  I'm working everyday on new ideas, emailing them to D and then he'll overdub electric drums on them and send em back.  Its a cool process were getting "used" to.  Garageband is fun, am I right ladies?  okay if i don't end this i'll start rambling...keep checkin back, i hope to update everyday or other day.  Taketh care and fuck voting. just kidding but seriously fuck voting. not really.   -Quinn