Tuesday, October 21, 2008

first bloggie blog

Hey everyone, Used fans!  I know its a little late in the game to be starten bloggen but whatevs right?  just about every lamo i meet is either a blogger or a dj or both and since you're reading this its fair to say were lamo lame (i know we suck big ) take em to the chorus...  Things are actually great right now, weve got around 18 songs recorded with music and 10 finished with vocals.  Berts headed to the studio tonight to drop some more knowledge.  We've had so much fun recording this album, taking it easy and creating new sounds and ideas.  Alot more abrasive stuff and darker imagery.  As some of you might know we're working with a new producer this time around and its been a great new step for us.  His name is Matt Squire, he's one hell of a jewbe i tell ya.  just google this schmoog and you'll see he's knee deep in shit we call rock and roll.  he rocks and rolls and rides the fadaz drrty.  *as a side note-Matt has been very patient with our difunctionality and we appreciate it buddy.
So what else...EVERYTHING.  This year has been a big one for us.  After being kicked around and "used" by a lot of people in the industry for a long time who I wont name, we have a new family helping us move forward and make what happens in vegas.  We're blessed to have great people surrounding us and supporting us, we can't wait for you to hear our new jimmys.  
Jeph and Dan are in Utah, Bert and I are in Cali baby.  I'm working everyday on new ideas, emailing them to D and then he'll overdub electric drums on them and send em back.  Its a cool process were getting "used" to.  Garageband is fun, am I right ladies?  okay if i don't end this i'll start rambling...keep checkin back, i hope to update everyday or other day.  Taketh care and fuck voting. just kidding but seriously fuck voting. not really.   -Quinn


Anonymous said...

how about you fuckers play st. george, u know? us homes down south?

Alex said...

I can't wait to hear your new stuff!! I'm so excited. Especially for the darker imagery. Sounds stellar. And after you're done with the new album you better get your asses to Minnesota. I wanna see you guys!

Anonymous said...

First blog<33 do you feel proud? haha
can't wait to hear the new stuff
I know it's gonna be awesome!
come back To Australia asap kay?
love you guys!

Landshark said...

I love you quinn haha.
And glad to hear everything is
going great.!!
you need to tour agin soon.<3
And i can't wait for the new
album im sooo excited.!!!
Take care all of you fellows.

kelsiii said...

you guys are my favoritee band ever. EVER. when you guys are done, come back to vegas and do a meet and greet. i swear to doG i'd die. good luck with the continuation of the new album. <3youguysss.
<3Kelsi, Las Vegas

Andi said...

I'm so excited for a new release. For real.

You guys are amazing.

Hopefully you guys will get even more recognition from people (I'm from a shit-ass town in Kentucky and not very many people I know of listen to the Used).

I'm looking forward to this blogging stuff you guys are doing.

I even created an account to comment, and I hate doing that stuff.

See how much I love you guys?

Leni said...

I love rambling-Quinn. :)

Meg said...

i agree fuck voting.
politics suck.
no one's ever honest.

you guys should come anaheim, california soon.

it would be much appreciated.

myrmsays said...

i dont really do the whole blogging scene but for the used i would do anything. i cant wait to hear the new stuff. quinn you are hilarious but i'm sure you know that already.

i love the used. the end.

Dan_ulation said...

very nice to hear of you guys, started to think you were dead ur such haha. anyways, i can't wait to hear the new record :D neither for you to come back to holland, make it fast, love you lots. Danielle

JoshAK47 said...

Cant Wait for the New CD

Kappie345 said...

hey guys! you Better be coming back to Rochester, NY! i miss all of you!!! I can not wait to hear the new stuff! you guys are my FAV band EVER!
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Josh Love is saying you need to play st. george on the real.
I hope that the new album has a lot of feeling I love of you for.

Chokeme said...

That's awesome :D Im so fucking excited about the new album cant wait to hear it :D woho The used rocks xD <333

Kappie345 said...

hey guys! you Better be coming back to Rochester, NY! i miss all of you!!! I can not wait to hear the new stuff! you guys are my FAV band EVER!
love you guys!

Nih__x said...

Bert 'n quinn are in honey moon haha

I'm so excited for the next step.

And I hated how John Feldman used to talk to you, Quinn...

I love you, guys
I hope you keep posting

and, as usual, come back to Brazil soon :D

MusicDude said...

The album needs to come out soon. I can't wait.

Hannah said...

lmao awesome. i heard some of a new song, sounds fantastic.

Dagmara said...

ah :d I can't wait for the new stuff!

You guys should come to Poland...

Lovinbert said...

I cant wait to here your new stuff~
Tell bert I love him and would marry him in a heart beat. lmao. When you guys coming to Missouri?

fomo said...

Come to the UK!
Seriously, I miss you guys!

Can't wait to hear the new songs

Love x x x x x x

SpreadLegsNotLies said...

Can't wait for the new album :D
Yous are amazinggg
Better come Ireland :D

Jake said...

haha, great, i can't wait to hear yurr new stuff?
Darker imagery nice, i liked the older stuff better, no offense, but i'll be out to find your new albums guys!

Come To Fucking Pittsburgh PA!

Anonymous said...

quinn, you've got some mad blogging skillz for sure, you oughta consider going pro as a blogger. i can't wait for the new tunes, and i'm so glad you guys are working so hard on them. it makes me feel loved as a fan. keep on keepin on, and thanks for the update =]

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear the new stuff... love the shit out of you guys... xoxo, Laura

Ricky said...

cannot wait for the new album guys..

come back to Illinois asap

mohit said...

No one loves you like Seattle :] come visit soon.

SpreadLegsNotLies said...

Can't wait for the new album :D
You's are amazinnggg, best band everr [:
Better come to Ireland :D:P

Dan!e said...

Aww Quinn, you're such a cutie!
I'm really happy for you guys<3

remember: Don't forget about playing in Philly!

I'll see you soon, sweetheart.

Danie :]

kaylathen3rd said...

and as i've said about a billion and a quarter times before, i'm mad exceited for the new jams. i'm very sure that it'll make my listening holes go into "eargasm" mode for about a month and a half. maybe more, who knows?

oh, and quinn, you're a silly mofo 'fo sho. riiiiiiite?

VON79 said...

Its about time one of you fuckers came up with the idea to start blogging! HAHA And thanks Quinn for being the first one to start off out of the many more to come ;) Kudo's to you!! Hopefully I will see you crazy fucks soon back in AZ!! =)

extremeblink said...

fo shiz this stuff is gonna be killer..a lil worried about this new producer but if you say hes taking care of ayll then its all good. =]
well hurry up and shit this out so we can here it!

Stepho said...

ahaah so i was jsut reading what douchebags had to say, and the captcha was, hfvsed ahahahahha, kinda like when i was adding dethklok on myspace and the captcha was m34al.... had to share.

whoaaasteph said...

Haha I love this :]
I can't wait to hear the new stuff.

crazeecinderella said...

I love your music! You guys are fu*%ing incredible! I just started blogging myself. Anyway all I really need to say is..(YOU GUYS FU*%ING KICK ASS!!) Love*Laurie*

Scott.w said...

Alreet quinn
nice to read your blog and also great to hear that the new stuff is going down smoothly!
Im really looking forward to hearing it like so many other people all around the world!!
Make sure you drop by birmingham or anyother uk places once it's finished because it would seriously be a dream to get to meet you guys!
Take it easy

Deanna said...

yay for first blogs! so excited for the new stuff and glad to hear everything is going well. get your asses to ny asap its been too long since i've seen you guys play!!

love x94394580

paperheartxx said...

Your many, many 'used' references did not go un-noticed. ;)

I'm glad you guys have gotten rid of the ones who 'used' you. Throughout everything, good and bad, you come out stronger than ever in the end.

I support your band, your music, and each of you individually. Never back down from what you believe in.

erinx3 said...

hahah, i love you guys.
i'm so stoked for the new record. holy shiaaat

Bufferdoodle said...

LOL fuck voting :D SWEET! Cannot wait for the new album <3 keep on rawkin x0x0x0x0

renatinha_fnoro said...

Better late than never,huh?
It's nice to know you guys are having fun making the record. It's a sign it's gonna be fucking insane.
first thing you should do when it's out though is get your asses to vancouver and play a couple concerts. How does that sound?

Tracey Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to hear the new toonage. It's about time futher muckers. Then you have to go on tour, you know that, right? And when you get your rockin' a$$es to Tejas park your big bus at my casa and I'll make the best vegan gourmet shiznit you've ever tasted. And make sure you keep up with this BLOGGINESS, Quinnster for all your fans....they rely on you and shit. Fuck voting, tho.

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the new album its only been a year ish but it seems like forever hope u guys come by san antonio,texas id love to meet u

greyscale-cupcake said...

Hey, sweet to see you blogging!
I can't wait to see what you'll pump out next. your style is perfect!

Anonymous said...

You guys are workin on MORE new stuff?!
Jesus guys,
I can't wait!
I know this will be hard...
But come over and visit lonely old West Virginia!
Or Pittsburg!
Noone ever comes to WV
Pittsburg is like our capitol!
Get your asses over here!!!

Anonymous said...

awww cool new blog <3 I cant wait for the new CD, guys. I wanna see you playing again in chile <33

*fuck voting*LOL

Bidola said...

A USED blog!? THAT'S RAD!!!! It's great to here from you!!! I can't wait for the new record! Course it will kick so much ass, as always!
Love THE USED till death!

Jepha Heartbreak said...

Yayayayayayay!!!! Soooo happy to hear from you guys! Lol this is just so amazing, it brightened my whole entire night! :D

Jepha Heartbreak said...

Yayayayay!! I can't believe you guys are updating! Yay for Quinn<33 lol this news just brightened up my night. :D

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh quinn!
im sooo STOKED for the new record!
you take care, cant wait to be el lamo and read your next blog!

scout said...

Ireland wants you up the bum

Melissa said...

You guys just fuckin rock.

AmBert26 said...

good to hear from ya quinn :D i agree with megiipoo come to st.george. can't wait to hear your guy's new stuff!


Anonymous said...

I superduper cant wait for the new album, i hope its as wonderful as you guys are making it sound:)
pleease come to "faggot ass barbeque" austin texas again.

lovee, monica

joeknowsbest said...

do you guys have any cd title names yet?

haleighktsc said...

I'm so excited for all of your new shit, it's definitely going to be awesome.

All you guys have to do after you release the new album is to come down to Orlando and play a sick ass concert (like y'all always do, of course). :)

I love you guys so much! <3

Juan said...

Congrats for Ur first blog.
I love U guys I just waiting so much the new album...

Anonymous said...

Yay! Blogs are fun when they're about band I love. :D Congrats for joining the fold! Can't wait for more posts. :]

Also, "bertquinnjephdan" is an awesome name for a blog. :]

Can't wait for the new stuff! :D

Aisha said...

Can't wait to jamm to the new jimmies!
All the best <3

take care
[Always - Aisha]

danicajaclyn said...


Stephyybabby said...

i hope you and bert are havin fun in cali quinn. sucks that you guys are apart tho. but i guess sending emails back and forth ia tite. Lol. i can't wait for the outcome.

Sadie said...

yes, fuck voting for a major party candidate. they're all puppets. fuck the whole system. i want to move to my own island and you guys will be more than welcome:]\

and im so excited for a new record! especially produced by matt squire.

jjjjj.wahlberg said...

quinnn<3.. i cant wait for the new stuff. i hope you guys come back to NYC!!.. i wana show u my tattoo for you!! <3

jjjjj.wahlberg said...

quinnnnn<3 .. i cant wait to hear the new stuff! i hope you guys come back to NYC, i wanaaa show you the tattoo i got for u<3

Jessies_a_BAMF said...

soo this is cool you have a blog now... anyway yeah hey to im going to say, quinn? because it seems like you will go on this more often, this is jessie from ny and i just wanted to say i miss you .. and next time i see all of you its going to be great WE HAVE LOTS TO TALK ABOUT.. well i know i do anyway, it will be fun i think :) considering its been a while, and im glad everything is going well with the new record and hell yes i cant wait to hear ya new jimmysss!

ok and yea i dont know if its possible but i would love to hear from ya... how are you?

love always,

haileybaby said...

All I have to say is I'm in love!!! You betta come back to RI ASAP before I have medical issues!!! Cant wait to hear the new stuff!!!

With Love,
Your numba one fan!!

Sude said...

Thaks :D

simone said...

south africa??

gerfrikeyarbobaymsosaur! said...

Yaaay can't wait the new stuff!

You guys are the only reason I made an account on here :D

Well take care&stuff


Mandi said...

Yay! A blog! I will be checking it 5 times a day, so update often ;)


Anonymous said...

quinn was really honest, i think so.

.:m a i a:. said...

Hello guys, how are you doing?
So i arrived a little late to the blog lol, i just found out about it and i was like WHAA?
It's really cool you guys have a blog now!
I'd tell you to check mine but it's in spanish LOL you won't understand a thing, right?

anyway, love you jepha, bert, quinn and dan! keep rocking my socks off :D

Oh, and please come to Argentina, would you?!

ok, take care and have fun.

Lina Christin said...

blogging ftw! (: