Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A Teacher asked her class of seven year olds if anyone could explain the meaning of the word contagious.

Little Shannon put her hand in the air and says "When I was five I had chickenpox and had to stay at home because the doctor told my mother chickenpox was contagious."

The teacher replied "Yes Shannon that is a very good example well done."

Then young Daniel put his hand in the air and said "My next door neighbor was painting the outside of her house with a 2 inch paintbrush and my dad said that it will take the contagious!"


Flover said...

...i don't get it

The Used said...

cont agious
cunt ages

Anonymous said...

LOL that is frickin hilarious quinn, where did you hear that?

thats like your ET joke.
what's ET short for?
cuz hes got really short legs.
your funny.

sun said...

uhh have to post it again...

Hey Quinn! could you please advice which amp is ok enough for the beginner (not that big budget, you know)? I guess you tried a lot of different stuff and maybe can suggest something cool (except for 'your babies' ;))? Cheers, Sun. xxx

PIA. said...

HAHAH, loved it :'D

farawaysoclose said...

oh my god! i didn't get it at first either and i have quite a filthy mind!

hey and in kerrang or maybe rocksound or maybe NME, nope not NME, but anyway, really recently, i think last week, they had a mini Bert answer some questions thing and his favourite joke is my favourite joke! i nearly choked! it's the one about the axe, the naked mother, the son, the father.

i thought "Wow we come from 2 completely different countries and we have the same favourite joke!" OK maybe not that strange but it was cool.

happy blogging and just remember youtube will suck you in and hold onto you for hours!

Anonymous said...

I missed your post on ZEITGEIST. How did I miss that? (Oh yeah! I spent the day getting accepted and enrolled into medical school. Go me!)

But anyway:




I have been pimping this movie since last year. I think it is so important for people to watch this. They don't even have to believe the whole thing, but it does a good job of at least beginning to shatter some dearly-held delusions.

For linking that movie, for watching it in the first place, and for just being away:

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi FASC! ♥

farawaysoclose said...

fuck hi K!!


The Used said...

hey Sun
It depends on what you want? for the money i would look on craigslist for a tube amp, you dont want more than 50 watts. marshall/orange those amps cost alot but if you want something cheaper look into a modeling amp Line6 flextone, Fender Cybertwin. I have a cybertwin and its awesome, it has like 1000 amps built into it and its tube....????
look around craigslist though good luck

Flover said...

i get it now
thankies Quinn :D

erinx3 said...

HAHAH omg. that's good.

Vicky said...

Awesome... I didn't get it until flover asked but its pretty funny :) Well done.

Lina Christin said...

did you make up that joke yourself, quinn? :D

xo, lina.

d0ll3 said...

cunt hahahahaha

:) i cant wait for your CD

Anonymous said...

Im not gonna lie I didn't get it at first either haha. But I gotcha now.

XmelodicXtradgedyX said...

oh wow! that took me soooooo long to get. lol thats funny.

d0ll3 said...


good show in fullerton BTW
amazing see half of you guys acoustic LOl

ackleykid said...

cunt ages HAHAHA HAHA

sun said...

Oh yeah cyber twin IS awesome, I had a chance to try it lately... The one I am looking for is meant to be rather practice amp, so yeah 50 watts is more than enough, and I am more into a modeling one, but: do you think it is better to buy something affordable atm but of a brand which name tells you nothing (still, producing interesting effects, clear sound) or to keep looking and getting more money for a 'pro' amp? Thanks, xxx. ps.I have just remembered: "My Marshall backs me up in ways other amps just can't. " :D

nakedoldmen2 said...

that was very clever.

.:m a i a:. said...

good thing you explained the joke above, Quinn haha cause i didnt get it either!

Oh i wanted to ask you: have you watched "SiCKO", the latest Michael Moore's film?. If you didn't, i recommend it 100%. I ended up shocked!. I'd like to read your comments about it :)

Jessies_a_BAMF said...

gooood one hahah.

Kay said...

LOL, check this out...

Q:If you were stuck in the wild surrounded by a lion, a bear and a jaguar, and you have a gun with only one bullet, which one would you shoot?

A: Id shoot the lion, drink the beer and drive away in the Jag...LOL

Kay said...

hey, while Im being a funny bi**h
Lucky Berts parents didnt call him Phil... Fill ma crack in (sad one)

nakana0413 said...

omg... i didn't get it.

gnothi seauton said...

You wanna know what's really funny, those kind of things are said. Work with children; good for at least 8 chuckles a day.

( That kind of sounds like a slightly disturbed slogan 0_o )

Hi FASC and Kapunua.

Big lick up the face for CTV if she's lurking.

Brittany Underwood said...



thats really funny ;)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone else has seen / played with this. It's kinda fun. Minutes of amusement!

Palin as president!

You can click on things a few times because they change. :)

Brittany Underwood said...


Ok, so i get my fill of dan and jeph on Kyte, and I get my fill of you one here. But what about my fill of bert? Where do I get that when I'm not at a show??? D:

brittxo said...

hahaha niocee:)

Anonymous said...

Quinn... you are so dodgy! I love it!