Friday, December 12, 2008

some shit

So lately we have been writing music and going over some of our new songs that we want to change a bit. After Christmas we're going to start mixing the record and we'll probably record 2 or 3 more jimmy jammers because that's how we dooo. Other then that we've been scooting around L.A. neighborhoods, poppin wheelies down Sunset blvd. and getting in to bar fights. So yeah thats about it. Things are still going great and when you all hear this new album you will say to yourself damn this is a great record i really really do like it a looot. MICHAEL IS GREAT and so are all of you other Kyeter's. TATERS


sickhearts said...

I can't wait for the new record and i wish it already was the day it gets released. I bet it's gonna be brilliant.

And don't forget to come to finland on your next europe tour, just saying =)) you'll love this place.

Pia Cathrin said...

Can't fucking wait for the new album.....
I'm going to put it on repeat and listen to it constantly.

Jacks1234 said...

Awesome! Can't wait for the new record!

Anonymous said...

Haha that's exactly what i'd say, although i might throw in a few curses too.

Chokeme said...

YAAY cant wait for the new album... hahaah i didnt comment when i read it at first me = Lazzy ass! Dan you're awesome lol Love to talk to ya on kyte man !xD
you and your white sides rolling around in the snow xD
youll be insivible
well i super excited about the new shit! woho /Anna (chokeme)

Anonymous said...

lol anna xP
I only got to go on kyte for a few minutes today :(
But im glad you liked the photo i found xP

talk to you soon Dan Dan the Flying Man X


shelbyyym said...

i can't wait any longer for the new CD!

chelzilla! said...

yay im pretty excited
have fun with it niggaaaaaa

Riel of Lorien said...

Cant wait for the new record and for you to come back to Berlin!

have a great Xmas, guys!
XO, Mel

drunk piano man said...

Awesome! I can't for it..

Hope to see you in Israel this time :D

Clover[dose] said...

i haft to say i'm quite excited.
come to Kentucky

Anonymous said...

I'm very much looking forward to it! :D

In the meantime I've been listening to War Is Over / Happy Christmas on repeat. It couldn't be any more wonderful and is the best tribute there is. :D

New music will be great; can't wait!

teamDan said...

Im sure its gonna be more then just a GREAT record.

its gonna be fucking brilliant
im gonna LOVE it.

Vicky said...

Can't wait for the new album.

And hopefully the new tour... :D

intime89 said...

So, that's is really cool.. but I hope that las vegas is on the next tour.

Lock-And-Load said...

Yeah, come to Australia and redeem that free coffee coupon I gave you guys last year!

Dan knows what I'm talking about - I hope :|


.:m a i a:. said...

bar fights? LOL

please dont let them break you an arm! hahaha

cant wait for the new album guys, hurry up xD


CaroGoesRawrx3 said...

I can't wait til the next album. Im one of those strange kinds of kids who actually still buys albums and shit.

By the way, any antitwilighters out there read Compliment Each Other Like Colors (one of my four blogs) and read my stupidity.


Anyways, Used, you guys are amazing. Im sooo stoked. I can't wait til you guys come to Miami and shitt.

Love you (:

firstdayofnever said...

bar fights. you're all so fratty and college.
can't wait for the record, i hope i can preorder because i always forget these kinds of things.

Caroline Hate said...

OMG! I really need to listen to the new album, of course will be awsome like all the others.
Bar fights? Oh, i have to say that you guys are my fucking heros!

Well, maybe, on your next tour, come back to Brazil, because a lot of people (including me) can't go on your concert. I didn't had money enoght.

Oddly_Alix said...

I cant wait!!!
Im sure it will be amazing!!

So new album means touring and touring means i must see you and me seeing you means you MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come somewhere near or to KENTUCKY


come to KENTUCKY

Rather Red said...

shit's gonna be OFF THE CHAIN yoooooooo

Lina said...

haha, bar fights.
well, what can you do?

release the record already, guys. :D

paperheartxx said...

I'm only commenting because I'm in like with the word verification right now. It's "shediest" Haha.

Can't wait for the new album guys!

Anonymous said...

MAN, im gonna DIE if i dont heard this albul soon

JephÁH said...

I Don't know if you'll read but I came here to ask you something, come back to Curitiba-Brazil again, I really want that.
I Love you!
Carla Curitiba-Brazil

TrashHalo said...

I just wanted to pass on the word that this little known and subscriber starved youtube musician (who doubles as a geeky girl) covered The Bird and the Worm upon request of one of their subscribers (me).

If anyone wants to hear more used acoustic covers she is taking on all requests.

Mirna said...

I'm sad
I want the new album
RIGHT NOW! hahaha
love yaa :)

Words Collapse said...

hey i'm looking at the comments , and damn , if you guys were going to every single places people ask you to go , you would be on tour for 5 years hahah... anyway , I can't wait for this new shitty cd to come out :D
hahaha omg what a great joke
no seriously you should realy come...


megsheart said...

i love you.
true mad love.