Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bing Bong

So if you read these shits below at our myspace then pay no mind. If you didn't then peeps them shits below. Sometimes we like to help out our peeps at ding by notifying peeps that the ding peeps have stuff that they want to sale to the peeps. PIZZA

Hey Everyone-
With the Holidays and due to great demand for THE USED on DiNG we want to give back to our fans. In partnership with DiNG we have established a three week Promo Code program.
Use the Promo Code ORCHID and THE USED fans will receive 10% any purchase at


Obsolete said...


thats great!


teamDan said...


haha i love you guys. SO stoked on the new album. i know its far away but im looking forward to it already.

love you boys.

Entropy said...

Nice. Peepulation.

hanging from a telephone wire said...

ummmm. . . .fuckin right. . . .this is almost better than Will Smith with a nice clean rap.

thywilliam said...

Doesn't make much difference to me as my money would convert to lower money over there.

bertlover04 said...

im geting used stuff for XMAS
and i really want this new alumb can i have it early????

love you guys :D

firstdayofnever said...

i wish there was the shallow believer album cover as a skinnn. i like the lil dude.

Jacks1234 said...

That was peep~tastic! It made my night!

Sascha Cesaria said...

Greaaat !

happy holiday guysss love ya

CaroGoesRawrx3 said...

Thanks guys, oh so much.

I guess now I have some other reason to annoy the life out of my mom.

Im putting it in the 'This year for christmas I want but probably won't get because im getting my second a thousand dollar camera' list.


Ill get iteventually.

Thanks boys.

Lina said...

... you guys are great.

i love you. (:

Kapunua said...

Wow! I have no idea what you guys are talking about but it sounds as if you're doing a really nice thing. ;D

Hey, today is 28 years since John Lennon was killed. This is a day I'll always remember, even though I was a wee lass. That day, they played "War Is Over / Happy Christmas" over and over again, (along with every other song John Lennon ever wrote.)

Bert and Quinn, thanks for doing justice to that song with the Street Drum Corps. It is a fitting tribute.

Oddly_Alix said...


Now if only the new album was out that would be
times like 12

Lies for a Liar said...

Woser bowser. I saw this on y' MySpaz. I got the one for my phone, the SE w810i one. I can't wait 'til it arrives. Haaaah. I want one for my Wii/psp/Guitar Hero too but I'm not made of money. & I do have something like $79 worth of merch from your webstore plus a £40 hoody of yours in the post. So I've reached my limit on money right now XD.

Cami said...

guys we want u in Brasil again,
i love u n ur songs (L)