Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear

We want to say to all of you............. Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear! We love all of you a shitload.



teamDan said...

Love you more :)

Cant wait for the new album!! <3333

ansku said...

Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear too! :D
love you<3

CaroGoesRawrx3 said...

Dearest Mister Howard, McCracken, Allman, and Whitesides,

I hope all you men have amazing holidays, and get everything which you desire because hell, you guys fucking deserve it. You've done so many great things for a lot of people with your music and you deserve atleast a piece of he happiness that you give us all. You have no clue how much you mean to everyone of The Used fans, but its quite simple, you mean our worlds. Thank you, for this amazing time, this amazing year, and such amazing music. You boys have changed my life (this is sounding so cliche') but the point is that I am so grateful forr everything. And you probably won't read this, but that's fine, because if yyou ever do, well, that would be simply stunning.
Thank you for so much boys. We love you. Have a happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear. And I had to copy and paste that because I very well suck.



P.s. Im soo hyped for the new album. Gah ! Im sure it'll be as amazing as all your works. I love you boys.

Pickles said...

same to you, guys!
loooooove ♥

Anonymous said...


THANK YOU FOR YOU'RE MUSIC AND YOURSELVES! Hope you have a very merry holiday!

David -QuinnRider-


Anonymous said...


THANK YOU FOR YOU'RE MUSIC AND YOURSELVES! Hope you have a very merry holiday!

David -QuinnRider-


Anonymous said...

GOD JUL ! ! !

cathy said...


intime89 said...

Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear to you!

But it would be better knowing that you are going to play in LAS VEGAS nv.,

stevie said...

Thank you.

Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear to all of you as well.

I love you too!

Entropy said...

And a happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear to you!

Happy holidays, guys. Hope each of you have a great Christmas.

And careful during new years, yo.

PixiePorn said...



Phoe said...

And We love you*!
Hope u had a wonderful christmas!
Mine was white and cold! hehe!
love from sweden

Ida said...

Same shit to you guys!

Sarah-[LIES-forthe-BELIEVER] said...

hey merry x mas i love u

SchizoComa said...

merry xmas to all you guys too!

bertlover04 said...

happy xmas you guys :)

TRiiXY said...

have a great holiday guys :D
hope too see you all in sweden again soon :D XOXO Bea

BldyBrknAngl said...

Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear to you guys too. Its kinda creepy how someone else on here has almost my name, and my Brain because what carolyn said, I could not have said it better myself. You guys are amazing. I found your album in a store completely by accident about 5 years ago and I immediately fell in love with your music. Your lyrics say so much that I could never find a way to put into words. You guys are amazing and I hope you have an awesome holiday. (And come somewhere near Delaware really soon!)

Murky the Vampire Bride said...

Awsome! ^^
Thanks for everything in the past year! Thanks for the most awsome consert I've ever been on!
You promesed me to come back to Norway soon, dont forget!

Happy Chrisholinukkahmasyear to you <3

Tone Lill

Sascha Cesaria said...

Dear The Used,
hope you all have a freakin kool holiday !

i made paintings of you guys on holiday,
i'll tag it to myspace soon,

men i cant wait for new album, miss ya all.


Mandi said...

I hope you had an awesome Christmas ^_^
I fucking love all of you.

hanging from a telephone wire said...

Fuckin Right!!!!~

Haras said...


shelbyyym said...

bamboozle 2009?! can't wait to seeee you guys there=]=]=]

Vicky said...

Hope you had a great christmas :) Can't wait for the new album... and tour?! Immense.

guilherme xoxo said...

Sir McCracken? Reall are you?

Lina said...

i love you guys.

seriously, may the upcoming year be the best one of your lives. (:

Kay said...

Happy whatever to you too, but where the hells my present??? (haha)

firstdayofnever said...

love you. miss you. wanna do you.

Sya Hysteria said...

hahahaha happy everyday to you guys.

So born to Rock Miss_Nat* said...

A Hippie New year to you my fav dirty kids
Much much love from Paris... We are waiting for you in 2009 like starving bitches:)
All the best for the rec, rock your heads and come back soonnnn, the rock world needs you to death.
Bert please be so kind and marry me in 2009... havent been able to find a proper rocker husband that could follow me yet ... boohooohooo ;D
Je vous aime witches ! <3

Steve said...

I wanna have your babies bert. In my stomach. Right now. Okay I'm bored. <3 hope you guys stay safe and shit, can't wait for the new record.

p.s. tour again soon.

Kyaa~ said...

OMG~ < 3~~
: 33
Ya pasoo Navidadd XD
Y ya es 2009~~ : D
Yeaahh, se paso muy rapido el tiempo no??
Awww, yo tmb le deseo que hayan teniduuh una genial naviadd ;) Vale?? si nu es asi los mato :k xDDDD ( see, matarlos ok?? xDD)
Y espero que este anio sea geniaL~~~ < 33
Puro Reggeaton, que asco no?? XDDD
(: Asi que tmb espero que se expangan como hongos para aca eh?~?!? :k
Bueno, que la pasen genial TODA SU VIDA ( : que es mucha no?? ;) tenguh los ojos del shinigamis y ya verifique () xDD ( :
Bueno, sale se cuidan eh?? :) Beshos y abrazosss < 3~~
De parte mia -3-~~ :)

MilO~~ (:

caroline said...

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEEPH *-* (i know your birthday is tomorrow :D)