Monday, November 3, 2008

PeanutButter and Jelly rap

Once upon a midsummer nights tour we were stopped in Oklahoma for about 6 hours to shower and ended up bussin rhymes with captain peanutbutter and jelly. I've been looking through all my old videos and i'm gonna start uploading everything. Bert and I went to the Rise Against/Thrice/Alkaline Trio show last night at the Palladium it was awesome. The wine and the bands were fabulous.


myrmsays said...

this shit was fucking hilarious. i almost pissed my pants.

toss it off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Quinn (and the Used),
After reading through much of this blog all I can say is Jesus Christ, I can’t even believe I can enjoy music made by people with such a fundamentally low level of maturity. You probably have the maturity level of the average 14 or 15 year old. And I’m only 20, you guys are what, 27 or 28? Something like that? Good god, what the hell happened? Maybe someone shouldn’t have dropped out of school (just a thought). Anyway, keep making great music, I guess.

Mom and Dad

P.S. Get a job

erinx3 said...

uhh the person above me is a d bag.

anyway, this was really funny. i enjoyed it.

keannathegreat said...

That's pretty much some of the funniest shit I've ever seen.

And beneaththeinkk, what's fun about being mature? Honestly. I would rather rap with some random dude in the front of a really nice hotel and get yelled at by the people who work there than sit around and... sit around.

Lighten up a little.

Paulina said...

that was very funny :)
that black guy is obsessed with peanut butter and jelly xD

Anonymous said...


keannathegreat said...

Oh and Quinn (and Bert and Dan and Jeph) don't listen to beneaththeinkk. The fact that you all don't feel like you have to act uptight and mature is one of the things I like the most about you guys (obviously your amazing music is what I like the most, but yeah)...

Anyway... yeah that's pretty much all I have to say.

asdgdf; said...

you are so lucky ra had to cancel our show (austin) b/c of his voice. glad to hear he's better though.

aceofspades_1 said...

ahahahahaha omg that was priceless!

yesss quinn upload all ur videos! and are u guys def gonna make another dvd? that would be insane!

hmm i wonder how many times u guys have been kicked out of hotels =P

bertlover04 said...

lol that was amzing :D
berts amaing

Clover[dose] said...

hahah that one dude talking about maturity was prolly right
i'm a fifteen year old and am laughing my ass off
but whatevers, you guyses are radd
and i would think it would be wicked tight to make stupid videos with you one day
just a thought
Bert i love your rapping skills
orange and doorhenge
someone's been watching Drake and Josh

and Quinn, i love you :D

and the rest of you guyses.

Mirna said...

I just have one thing to say
beneaththeinkk FUCK YOU!
aah noo another thing
I love you Quinn you're great
and Bert is sooo seeexy ;D

Dyllan said...

hahaha that was great.
the end was the best though haha.

Oscar Wilde said...

oklahoma, hey i was at that concert! I was one of the chicks on your bus that wasn't wasted/ being slutty.

Willy said...


i thought that you was more Serious ...

i like your way to be

Sadie said...
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Sadie said...

this is my camera, and this is my life!
this is my camera, and this is my life!

im not sure how its possible, but i love you guys more and more every day.

teamDan said...

LMFAO ahahaha bert "its not on"

berts fucking amazing

julia said...

I laughed so hard I shot juice out my nose and my laptop got all sticky. But then again, I haven't slept in three days and everything is funny. But this would be hilarious even if I were not this tired.

[old-timer voice] This reminds me of a time I was in Pontiac, MI, being rapped at by this obviously drunk guy who kept talking about how he was better than Jesus...scary, but hilarious.

Caitlin said...

God, I love you guys.
And that dude. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm only being honest, i'm sorry i don't worship the ground they walk on like the rest of you just because they make good music

suiteheart. said...
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suiteheart. said...

You guys have to be some of the oldest five year olds on earth and it just makes me love you all more and more. Thanks for staying the same old immature douchebags, you guys are what remind me never to take myself to seriously. Really nothing can make me smile as wide and honestly as you four. Thanks for the happiness, nobody can do it as well as you all. <3

Anonymous said...

Hilarity just ensues. :)

Chokeme said...

Haha thi is fucking awesome man xDDD it's 6:47 am >_< going to school in about 1 hour xD This pretty much made my day. On Sunday i ordered some more merch =D 2 t-shirts :D Can't wait to get it :D YAY Stay safe xD Love the video xD /Anna

Jesslyn said...

Did your camera get taken away? xD
And who stops at a hotel to shower? Why wouldn't you like, sleep? xD
Anyways, can't wait for more!!
Still waiting to see Stella on Halloween ;D

Jacko said...

Lol whats up with the doorman? He is acted like he is protecing area 51 or something

ganskaomedveten said...


Jessies_a_BAMF said...

holy poopin shit.
i was peeing my pants. i loved that
wow i miss u guys.
oh man quinn i love the blogs!
and in response to the other blog u should def go on tour with lights resolve again.. and it would be cool if u went on tour with envy on the coast maybe, i dont know whatever you guys choose will be amazing. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT TOUR haha ;)

Richard said...

To Beneaththeink:
get a life.
To The Used:
Can't wait to hear the new CD. I love your melodies.
To Quinn:
HI there!
Hope you have the time to read this:
Can you tell me what type of effects pedal you would suggest? I really love how your guitar sound!
I noticed you use the Line 6 DL4, in italy it's quite expensive and almost impossible to find... So I was thinking about the BOSS RE-20 or the DD-20...
what would you suggest me?
I haven't tried any of them but I've seen they do almost the same thing... If you tell me that DL4 is the best one I'll find a way to get it!

I leave you all the link of my band:


Riel of Lorien said...

@ beneaththeinkk

It`s a pretty shitty and utterly uncool thing (especially at 20!) to make judgements about people's education! What have you achieved in life so far? Anything worth mentioning?

Surely you don't have to agree with everything a band you like does, but how about being grown-up enough to leave people be?

And because it seems so fucking important to you: I am 29.

@ Quinn: I hope that being around Bert will always be fun to you. I for sure love him to bits. Mainly because he seems so honest.

Anonymous said...

Bert... door hinge? Eeew. Lol!

beneaththeinkk... I'm 28. I have a very nice corporate job... I also have a whole bunch of tattoos, I still steal traffic cones, I make hats out of tinfoil, my roomies and I streak at midnight on Christmas, I climb on postboxes, I scare children on Halloween. Don't grow up. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. There are enough boring adults out there anyway, leave Quinn and the rest of the boys alone!

King_Heidi said...

I was feeling so fuckin depressed all fuckin night...till I saw this.

Totalz Thankage,

King Heidi

Anonymous said...

that is probably the most random thing I've seen in a while
Bert has amazing rapping skills.

i went to a rise against/thrice/alkaline trio show last month
and it was amazing
i had black X's on the backs of my hands for a week afterwards (because apparently people cant tell im not over 21)

anyway cant wait for the new record
and you guys better come to Maryland

Jenny said...

Hhahahaha xD That was the highligth in my super mad day!
you guys make it shine with happyness xD


Sude said...

I dont want to leave :D

kaylathen3rd said...

peanut butter jelly time.

Lucy said...

Too much to drink?
:] I loved it.

Loue. said...
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Loue. said...

I don't drink.Rise Against/Thrice/Alkaline? Ow... I never listened this bands.
Bert is fat and sooooooooo funny *Q*'. I want to bite him... so, don't kill me Quinn, I know he is yours.
Quinn, I want a new pictures! Please.

Lina said...

holy crap, you guys are the best.
i laughed all the way fromt he beginning to the end.
and i don't even like rap that much, dude!
but seriouslly, bert; ever though of going solo? xD

emily!? said...

holy fucking shit. i love you.

ChiliChild said...

that was majorly happy making
"are you the ultimate confiscator?"

Lies for a Liar said...

The Used. You are so cool. XD.
"Are yooou the confiscator? You're the ultimate confiscator."
That man had a funny voice. "I don't like to take this camera from you and delete everything, okay". Bet he's a fun guy to have a conversation with.

LAUGH OUT FUCKIN' LOUD @ beneaththeinkkk bahahaahaaa.
Doooood, rather than telling Used to grow up maybe you should grow down (and some balls, a penis would be useful too. Whatever gender you are you need some 'cause a pussy ain't gonna do you no good) and learn to have fun! Get out from under your rock, leave your desk for a few hours, get off the internet for a while, go for a walk in the park, maybe go see a psychiatrist or something to help you unwind. Talking about maturity and then signing your post 'mom and dad'... just slightly contradictory.
& maybe you shouldn't have dropped out of school, because they do actually have jobs.

-sigh- oh well, at least you perhaps have good music taste.

Gabes said...

when was this video taken??
its fucking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. after watching this i can officially say that i love you bert, more than i ever could!! lol
that was too funny. i seriously think that video just made my life XD: it was great. you need to do some more vids like this and post them bc you guys (all of you) are fucking genious, and i love you all!
keep it up!! dont ever stop doing what you guys do best!!
i fucking love you.

.:m a i a:. said...

Quinn i loved it! Thank you so much for posting it and i'll be waiting for more. OMG you probably have so many random funny videos...

Hey the ultimate confiscator is a party pooper!

and bert: aDORKable.

Kay said...

LOL, peanut (spit) butter (spit) jelly (spit) spit spit spit, aw gross...Id want a shower after that too. LOL

Kay said...

PS, for the judgmental and ignorant beneaththeink..You know nothing. Many, many top earners are drop outs eg Sir Richard Branson, William Boeing..Benjamin Franklin, Millard Fillmore, Cesar Chavez...
Theres heaps!! Schools not for everyone and definitely shouldnt be used as a gauge of someones, maturity or intellect. But you need life experience to realise that, something you lack apparently.

Jepha Heartbreak said...

This left me crying hysterically hahahah. I absolutely LOVED it! Lol and I honestly thought the one guard was wearing a mask. I was like What. The. Fuck?!

Ps you bess be gettin' those pictures and videos up soon! I wanna see stella as an alien! <3

And when you're new cd hits the shelves...I'll preorder it!!! I won't even have to wait in line! Give you 16 digits and dollars, and you give me some of your fabulous music. Mmm mm gooood.

Jepha Heartbreak said...

Yeah! Go on tour with Envy on the Coast!!! Lol!! Or story of the year! And I know this is a long shot and I hate to say it buuuut....Mcr. :D

Haha idk, I'm just thinking as I fidget my fingers around....eww, that sounds great!

Tori Terror said...

You should have that guy do some peanutbutter jelly raps on the new album. That'd be neat... Haha.

PIA. said...

THAHAHA, *laughing*

LiviCANNIBAL said...

This was fuckin awesome!
hahaha, u guys always make me laugh
And I can't wait for the new record!!!

anyway, I wanted to know if you'll ever come to Norway again? we miss u
i saw you live 27 June 08, and u were totally amazing. U guys rock everyone's socks, fer suuuuure

take care, see u next time

Murky the Vampire Bride said...

OMG.. that toataly made my day =D I can go to work and be happy now ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

Today is a great beginning, isn't it? We elected a new president. Can you imagine how things are going to change now? ^_^

Happy new president, everyone!

The Used said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hilary Castles said...

hahaha @ the ultimate confiscator.

Anonymous said...

wow, the used, that's pretty harsh

Anonymous said...

beneaththeinkk's comment was sure sure douchery, but i can't say you proved yourselves any better

RussianRuletKiss said...

first of all, i'm fucking jealous that you went to the rise against / thrice / alk3 concert. i knew i should've gone, but helped my friend's band sell merch at their show at the knitting factory instead. second, this confirms that i did in fact see bert on hollywood blvd sunday night FUCK i knew i should've pulled over and said hi :(

larissa said...

maturity is overrated.

I try and embrace my Peter Pan Syndrome.

Good to see other "adults" do too.

Tom said...

you guys make my dick hard. :)

Brittany Underwood said...

i love this!!!

but omg! i'm gettin a tattoo..
and its gonna be a tombstone set in night with stars and fog. and "free from the torment of sin" is gonna be around the tombstone. and then "daddy" is gonna be in the middle of the tombstone.

i cant wait ^_^

Anonymous said...

Fine the used, we're not friends anymore

btw, i'm still pumped for the new album, i hope it turns out the way you've been talking about it, i could really go for something really raw from you guys. I'm also really excited to hear Dan on this album, i caught a show on your last tour and really enjoyed his playing in between songs, he seems like a phenomenal player

Posthumous_DanicaJaclynn said...

ahaha that video was the best.
<3 you.

stevie said...

Wait a minute; did the peanut butter and jelly guy take off when the hotel staff came out?

HAHAHA...After tonight’s Rap Down we’ll have The Ultimate Confiscator versus The Ultimate Instigator. Although, the second security guard looks like he really wants this to escalate further so he can TRY to take Bert down, but little does he know that Bert is a very strong and calculated wrestler, who has been known to sometimes bite :D

I think it’s great that you and Bert went to go see Rise Against perform; they’re amazing live. Awe, they must have been so thankful that you came out to show your support.

Quinn, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to go through all of your videos. I really appreciate it!

Lucy said...

Fuckinn Funniest shit aye
I love how bert trys to rhyme Orange with door hinge

Oddly_Alix said...

Bert broke that shit down!!

I really dont think that I am ever going to be able to look at a PB&J the same way ever again!


<3's you guys make me giggle

hanging from a telephone wire said...

nice. . . .I think I think you found the man of my dreams. . . .a man who can throw down like that. . . mmmm mmmmm. . . . I'd like to get me a slice a that pie. . . .and I aint talkin about Bert. . . . . . . . . . . . or was I!?

Neelofer said...

best video of my life
soo funny

michelleimperfect said...

lmao, that was so good.
i love how you kept going on about he was the ultimate confiscator.

and @beneaththeinkk, they cant be all serious and mature all the time can they? and their music isnt all, queso at the end of smother me? thats a classic example of how amazing they really are. they can be serious and "mature", but also be really funny. everyone needs to be a little crazy sometimes. and their job is making music..obviously?

Words Collapse said...

hahaha " are you the confiscater? you're the ultimate confiscater. I feel like you're the ultimate confiscater " hahaha soo damn funny. look at the man , he just wanna laugh . he's not serious :P
yeah , so i like this video :)


arielsthimble said...

That doorman was a super douche but he knows it was all funny. The guy that was wrapping with Bert was freaking awesome haha. He spits some sweet rhymes. We need more people like that peanutbutter loving black man.

Take care.

OnTheGuestList said...