Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It is truly is an amazing day in our lives to move forward in this country. I know its allover everywhere but i'm just so happy to see our nation get up and elect the right person for once and because hes the right person, not out of fear or traditions. Theres this glow to everything today in peoples faces and in the air. I like it. I'm proud to be an American today.


Lies for a Liar said...

Woo! I just blogged about this XD. I'm not American, but whatever. I wanted Obama too. That other guy was so old (I can't remember how to spell his last name, so I won't try). He was like, the same age as my grandma. And that Sarah Palin... we'd be fucked if he keeled over and died.

Kay said...

Yay Obama!! Im so pleased for the US...and really pleased that circus that John McCain runs didnt get in...that Palin woman gives me the Loads of Love to the USA today!!! XXX

Richard said...

It's really impressive what happen in these days.
I think U.S. just gave an important lesson to all the world.
THIS is how America can really spread DEMOCRACY!

Jeez! we are in history bodies!
I'm not american but I think Italy should learn a lot from this. And I hope the world will...

Now let's hope that good words will turn into actions!

whatsherface said...

personally, i dont think he was elected because people paid attention to his platform..
That alone makes me not like the turnout.
this years election has seemed more like a racial popularity contest than anything.

i understand what you mean about moving forward in the country.
he did make history.
but i just dont think that the majority of people who voted for him really think about the fact that he's made history.
it just seems like they're were being rather superficial.

teamDan said...

im glad americans didnt screw it up this time. im canadian and live in canada but i was all for obama. im so glad he won. hopefully people will start seeing past skin color from now on

obamas gonna bring the change america needs.


teamDan said...
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teamDan said...

hahah the reason that mccain lost is palin! shes such an idiot. really that was his downfall.

i supported obama throughout the whole election because he wants to bring change and thats what america needs

if mccain had won id have lost all hope in humanity haha.

.:GiveMoarLulz:. said...

I am so happy to be proud of America. There really is a glow to everyone today. People are happy and that's all that matters. Obama is going to prove all the McCain supporters wrong. It's really a step in the right direction. A lot of people are saying he won because he is the "new fad." That's just bullshit. People voted for him because he's new, intelligent, and someone that we can count on. I was so emotional last night haha. I was happy and crying and it didn't even hit me that he won until this morning, LOL.


Damien said...

im not even american and im over the moon about the american election.. it effects the whole world. im so happy Obama won

Gabes said...

i'm canadaian. but i still think obama owns life.

shallowbeliever said...

awwwwwww that was sooo sweet, im proud to be an american today too. right there with you. i love you guys!

Dyllan said...

i'm so happy he won. a lot of people at school were really mad today and some even cried. they all said that americas now screwed but really, the whole world was celebrating that barack won.
i think it's awesome.

bertlover04 said...


Lindaaay said...

im kinda glad Obama won.
just because my grandma had a crush on mcCain
but yeahhh
if palin were in the presidency were would fer shere be screwed...

ChiliChild said...

i go to school with all these rich kids and they were all "oh no now obama's gonna redistribute all my wealth" i was just thinking yeah and he'll give it to some people who really need it and people definately need it our economy is so messed up i hope our new president can fix it

Cherie said...

I was glad too, I see that glow too, people should be happy, there's change ahead, America actually can be happy, that there's not a old white man as president! :)

L.B said...

I got so happy when I heard Obama won on the news today! Almost cried xD and I'm not american but thus election isn't only conserning America.

wiii^^ he won!!
obamanah! duduuududuruh!

ibrokejepha said...

I screamed and started crying when i heard Obama won, I was so happy :P I really do think America is going to change for the better. Whenever I think about being American I don't get the feeling of shame I had when bush was our president, I feel proud :)

Lucy said...

I'm actually proud to be an American for once in my life, too.

-sings- America, FUCK YEAH!

:] hahaha.

DeadPuppyProductions said...

What happened to fuck voting?

Screaming_Down said...

Even though I'm Canadian (fuck being Canadian but anyways), I'm so happy Obama won :). He rules and owns and rocks and you get the point.
History was made today and I'm so proud of the USA!

k1brown1 said...

Well...I'm proud to be an America everyday!

But it should be a great four least four.

Colleen said...

not kidding i feel the same way!!
like i woke up all happy after watching all the stuff about the election last night on tv
and today when i went into nyc as i do everyday, i just felt everyone was relieved and happier
we definitely needed this bad!!!!
im excited!! haha

Colleen said...

there was also these sick parties i herd about last night in the down in the village...they closed down the streets and where like dancing on busses because people where just going crazy and celebrating haha wish i knew kindaaa

xsingorscreamitx said...

there's no "glow" in my face or air. =[

but i still wuv youuuu..

Clover[dose] said...

i'm sorry guys, but i haft to disagree.
with Obama in power he's going to tax everyone to death causing people lots of money loss
meaning my family's gonna end up on the streets
so i'm pretty much screwed
and utterly petrified.

petstore said...

i wish i could be happy but i just dont believe anything Obama says. all the shit he said he would do during the campaign was awesome but i still think it was all talk. i am extremely relieved McCain isnt our president tho especially because Sarah Palin is mentally challenged and could not be president when old fuck died.
and it infuriates me that all people can say around here is oh shit our presidents black. its like they dont think hes a person.

mageblood said...

I'm just really sad that even though Obama was elected, tons of people still voted to ban gay marriage in 4 states. CT rocks though because we voted No on a constitutional convention which could overturn the recent gay marriage bill that was passed. yay! go my state! :)

Kapunua said...

I'll admit: I cried like a little bitch.


Kapunua said...

Mageblood: And I agree, the ban on gay marriage was an outrage. How can more than half the country have put this man in office and still so many people think they have the right to choose how others should live? I am amazed and appalled.

But things are going to change. The pendulum is swinging the other way now so it's inevitable. Many groups are already trying to repeal the ban, so the fight is not over yet. :)

Caitlin said...


aceofspades_1 said...

hahaha im not american, but australian news is obsessed with american politics so its been all over our tv's too.
i was probably more excited the american election than our own hahaha.
im really glad obama won, he seems like a really good guy and i hope he does change the world, cos hell, we need it.
im happy for the US too, i think he'll be a great leader.

Lina said...
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Lina said...

and that's kinda weird, 'cause i didn't think that could be possible. (:

but still, wow, it's awesome that you support obama.
i've been following his campaign since december last year, and i live in fuckin' norway!
but, yeah; he is a true inspiration to all of us and i can't wait to see what changes he have in plans for all of us as the 44th american president of the united states. :]

QuinnRider said...
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QuinnRider said...

I agree with you Quinn. I was watching the debate all yesterday, and just so happy at every moment pretty much! But I am ashamed a bit at some parts of our nation. I am soooo soooo soooooooo MUTHER FUCKING PISSED that Prop. 8 passed. Why the fuck shouldn't I be able to get the fuck married if I am ready and I wish too? Gay people, AND single parents can't adopt children in Arkansas[?] now, I guess people would rather them not have any parent? MY LORD IT INFURIATES ME. Us as a people can unify and move forward SO MUCH as we have, and because of that it makes me ashamed of all the people who voted against those props in California, Arkansas[?], Florida, ect. Makes me wan't to cry.


I wish I could have voted!!!! [I'm only 16..]

boo. I guess I can just look at Barak and see how much we've moved forward already and just hope and pray that the rest of America will move forward soon.

[ps, Sarah Palin was such a moron! I couldn't believe some of the shit that FELL out of her mouth!]




LiviCANNIBAL said...

I was soooo happy when I found it out!
I'm from Norway though,
but still I'm happy for Amerika

Obama seems like a great man to
lead the country
And he's meanings and thoughts are
pretty amazing

I almost cried while watching he's speech on tv yesterday

(sorry for my baaad english, guys)

LilKeezy said...

I'm glad people you know are happy. I'm very happy myself,

But I live in Georgia, and here everyone is pissed. Everyon is so full of hate. I'm so scared to go to school. Everyone is makeing treats. Everyone is making racial comments. And I, as an Obama support, am in danger. I'm so scared. I really am. Everyone I know is saying hes will blow up the world, and they've never even heard him talk. They just look at him and listen to their parents or a friend, and assume he will fail. Whats worst, they want him to fail.
They don't even take the time to realize they just saw histroy.

I don't know what to do. I get threated everytime I say I support Obama. I want to get away from here. :[

Angeline Jessica ! said...

Ehh, personally I hated both candidates and preferred McCain because Obama just seems really fishy for some reason.

I like most of his policies but the main reason I'm kinda reluctant is because I don't think he can/will follow through with everything he promised.
I don't think people really payed attention to his policies.. I think that's what disappointed me the most. Most (not all!) people payed more to his ethnicity and his charisma rather than policies..
But I hope he can do well in office and can dig us out of this hole that Bush put us in!


Angeline Jessica ! said...

And I also strongly agree with petstore..
most the things he said in his speeches were just talk.

.:m a i a:. said...

Im not american but i wanted Obama to win too. However, there're some things i dont like about him like his support on abortion as an anticonceptive method.

I just hope he wont invade other countries for the profits like Bush and the others did. But it makes me wonder... will he really be in charge?

Jepha Heartbreak said...

I just hope he does a good job.

Kapunua said...

Well, it's kinda dangerous for him right now because I think that many people are expecting him to ride in on a rainbow colored unicorn and start crapping money, with his pee refilling our water supply and gas to fix the environment..

Right now, Obama's first job should be to lower expectations. Like he said in his speech, this isn't going to be an overnight fix. It took us eight years to tank like this, so it stands to reason that it could possibly take another eight to get out of this ditch. I'm not just talking about economically, but across the board.

We need a cautious retreat from our occupation of Iraq. More, we all have to struggle for our basic human rights and to try to clean up the environment and begin to save what's left. Obama can't control everything; so much of is has to do with us, where we go from here.

A huge part of the problem of the Bush administration was that Bush actually did want to be a dictator and take those decisions out of out hands. Decisions that deeply affected the environment he put into the hands of big corporations, and decisions about basic human rights he took into his own filthy hands.

A lot of people aren't aware that he abolished many of our constitutional amendments, which Obama's transition team says they will begin immediately to reinstate.

Many people don't realize that McCain and Palin wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade and that McCain actually said in the second debate that he felt anyone who supported Roe v. Wade didn't belong on the Supreme Court. Many people don't realize that Sarah Palin not only wants to completely abolish a woman's right to choose--even in the cases of rape, incest, and where the woman's life is in danger--but she also wants to make women pay for their own forensic rape kits. That means that if god forbid you were to get raped, you would be paying up to a thousand dollars on top of that. It's like a rape-based economy!

I personally like Obama. I think he's smart, and that he really does have the country's and the environments best interests in mind.

However, even if a reanimated piece of roadkill with a dustbunny for a VP had been running against McCain and Palin, I still would have to have gone with the roadkill.

Lina said...
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Lina said...

I know I've commented on this blog entry before, so I'm not gonna repeat myself.

But, however, I do have a question for you, Quinn.
You see, I'm writing this story about The Used so I wanted to have all the basic facts about your equipments.

Therefore, I was just wondering what sort of guitar you use under your shows and stuff. Like, the guitar brand/model.
Also, do you use a special guitar during acoustic songs?

And while I'm at it; Quinn, I have to confess, you are my ultimate guitar hero, for sure. (:

madahne said...

Yes, we can!

Anathema said...

Wow. I wasn't able to vote this year, but I am so happy it turned out likeit did. Palin gave me the creeps, and I am so glad that people actually went out and THOUGHT about how they were going to vote. I am so glad to watch America THINK for once.

Loue. said...

OBAMA! It's so amazing! *-*'
Here, in Brazil, we celebrated it!

Haras said...

" Clover[dose] said...

i'm sorry guys, but i haft to disagree.
with Obama in power he's going to tax everyone to death causing people lots of money loss
meaning my family's gonna end up on the streets
so i'm pretty much screwed
and utterly petrified."

where are you getting your information on obama's tax plan? he's raising taxes on those that make $250,000 or more a year. everyone that makes less won't get taxes raised. researching will do you good!

im not even gonna lie, i cried like a big fat baby when they announced he won. i can't believe i'm going to have a president that i genuinely like.

Carrie said...

I don't even care about you other peeples, want to give a happy birthday shout out to a Used fan to the max named Liz, who once got me a phone call from Dan. I know you are reading this, so there. Still love you, hope you had an awesome birthday. and P.S. Dan, I was kinda asleep when I got the call, so I just kinda talked to you as "random Used person" but as I love you all, it still counts. And also, am soooo lookinf forward to new music.


I'm so glad you support Obama!!!!!

For all those who are saying Obama won't live up to what he says, you haven't even reallylistened to him then.
He proved that America could change, and thats exactly what America needs right now, CHANGE!!!! Obviously what we've been doing hasn't been working. Obama is the change we NEED.
He is also straight forward and honest, he even said that our tries to fix the economy will most likly fall short in the beginning, but together we can succeed, but only when we work together, as americans.
Plus even if some of the stuff he's promised doesn't happen, thats a NO SHIT!! Of course not everything can happen, but you know what he gives us hope!!! Hope is what we truly need right now, at this moment, and I know once he's in power bigger and greater change will come for America.
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!

P.S. I love how Bush will offically go down as worst president EVER!!!

P.S.S. The stock market has dropped lower then it did in the great depression.

P.S.S.S. For all those who think Obama will fuck up our country and kill us, bomb us. Thats bull shit, Bush is the real crook here, I mean 9/11. That shit was fucked. Bush was so behind the whole thing, when the first plane hit he was about to speak to some college kids, and upon enetering the room he said that he had just watched the plane hit on T.V. Which is a lie because the first crash wasn't aired until the next day. To make matters worse he made a joke!!!!! This cruel, sick, twisted, fuck made a joke about people in our country dying!!!! His only comment towards the whole thing was, " Well that must have been one bad pilot."
I mean come on!!!! What the fuck!!!! Who the fuck is actually dumb enough to say that??? Seriously I think out president, the leaders of our country, the one in charge, the one who controls the fate of AMERICA, and millions of peoples lives should atleast have an IQ of 80.
Am I right?

I LOVE you so much for saying something about this, that is just fucking awesome!!! You guys rock!!!

Posthumous_DanicaJaclynn said...

hell yeah. im soooo happy obama won !

Tori Terror said...


Ian said...

and thats why America fucking owns

im also really happy McCain didn't win cause pailn would fuck up everything if McCain died

now im off to play guitar/listen to mah german melodeath

jmhislove said...

heeell yes!
if mccain/palin got elected, i would have moved to canada, fo sho.

Joani Mercury said...

I hate talking about politics so I am just going to say... Nicely said buddy.

Oddly_Alix said...

All I have to say is

GOOD BYE G.W BUSH!!!!!!!!!


Littlefoot said...

I love you, I love you, I love you. The day I saw you guys in concert is the day my life changed.. You're my favorite men<3

Neelofer said...

hell fucking yeah
for a first time in a long time i can say im proud to be an american
its so awesome to see the country together
united and its amazing to be able to live and witness an african american as president!
so cool, obama kicks so much ass
i believe change is coming our way and everything's gonna be better!

Darsh said...

It makes me feel good knowing you feel the same way

arielsthimble said...

I cried it was so amazing. I'm a history major in college. So I know the magnitude of this election. He was definitely a great choice. There is definitely something in the air now, you're right.

Take care.